Bridging Tech and Sustainability for a Greener Tomorrow

In the realm of innovation and purpose, AYA stands as a pioneering force, bridging technology and climate impact with a commitment to sustainability.

Guided by a steadfast dedication to empower visionaries, AYA's emergence signifies progress and hope.

Fostering Bold Solutions in Web3.0 for Climate Action and Innovation

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Incubating Innovation for a Sustainable Tomorrow

At AYA's tech incubator, innovation converges with purpose to nurture impact-focused projects through mentorship, funding, and global networking. AYA fosters the evolution of these ideas into sustainable endeavors, imprinting lasting influence worldwide. Additionally, AYA pioneers in integrating innovative blockchain solutions in carbon credits, furthering environmental sustainability. This positions AYA as a trailblazer, driving tangible change for a more sustainable global landscape.

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AYA's Mission: Sparking Climate Innovation for a Sustainable Future

AYA is on a mission to spark a global climate renaissance by empowering innovators to develop transformative solutions addressing climate challenges. We provide a nurturing ecosystem of mentorship, funding, and collaboration to support a community of trailblazers aiming for lasting sustainability. Leveraging blockchain technology and honoring timeless values, we envision a world where climate innovation knows no boundaries, promising a greener, harmonious future for all.

Our Team

Vasseh Ahmed

Managing Director - MENA

Nara Turkmenova

Community Manager - MENA

Rishi R. Randhawa

Head of web3 innovation

Mate Ballabas

Chief Information Security Officer

Alberto Altamirano

Compliance / MLRO

Chris Basil

Social Media Lead

Board & Advisors

Prakash Somosundaram

Shitij Gupta

Alvin Tang

Dr. Kaiser H Naseem

Anne Sophie Perret