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Urgency for climate action

Diminishing Forests

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Threatened Oceans

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Escalating Temperatures

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Escalating Carbon Emissions

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Water Scarcity

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Depleting Biodiversity

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Bridging the Gap between Intent and Impact

Fragmented Support

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Limited Resources

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Short-term Focus

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Insufficient Collaboration

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Inadequate Validation

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Outdated Technology

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Our Climate Innovation Strategy

Fund Effective Climate Solutions

Take your first action today by joining millions on the journey of environmental justice, powered by blockchain.

Social impact

At AYA, we've reimagined investing. Your capital not only earns returns, but also fuels innovative climate solutions that leave a lasting impact on our planet. We're more than an investment opportunity – we're a community united by a shared vision of environmental transformation.

Through strategic partnerships with climate organizations, AYA invites our community to actively participate in tangible climate actions, from beach cleanups to tree planting and beyond. Join us in crafting a future where every action, every investment, contributes to a sustainable legacy that echoes through generations.

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Fusce porta nisi ac blandit pharetra. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Mauris blandit velit eget dapibus mattis. Curabitur ac consequat ligula, vitae egestas augue.

Why now? Why you?

AYA platform is a home for stories, solutions, and community action to protect our planet, tackle the climate crisis, and help fuel the movement for a more just, equitable planet. The experience is designed for discerning investors who understand the future of technology and its use to create a long term positive impact.

Exclusive Access

Curated Projects: At AYA, we unveil unique projects that defy convention and can't be found on mainstream platforms. These gems are handpicked, ensuring our investors lead the way in the ever-evolving web3.0 and impact frontier.

Elite Community: Joining AYA means becoming part of an exclusive community of forward-thinking investors. This network offers not just financial opportunities but also the chance to collaborate and share insights with like-minded individuals.

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Positive Environment Impact

At aya, we excel at merging climate and technology, making us the premier choice for those dedicated to environmental preservation through innovation.

Eco-centric projects: AYA is steadfast in its commitment to curating projects that directly combat climate change. Our selections are laser focused on reducing carbon emissions, conserving natural resources and fostering climate resilience, ensuring that every investment contributes to a greener planet.

Tech-powered sustainability: AYA is not just at the forefront of technology, were pioneering technology’s role in climate finance solutions. Our projects harness cutting-edge tech, from blockchains transparency in real-world assets to web3’s potential in creating decentralise ecosystems.

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Community-centric approach

At AYA, our approach is firmly rooted in community, making us distinct in the climate-tech landscape. Here's why AYA stands out as a community-centric incubator:

Inclusive Innovation: AYA values inclusivity, where diverse voices and ideas converge. We empower communities to actively participate in shaping our projects, ensuring that our solutions resonate with local needs and cultures. Our projects are designed with the community's well-being and sustainability in mind.

Global Network: AYA connects communities globally. We facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among investors, entrepreneurs, and climate advocates. Our platform fosters a sense of belonging to a global climate movement, where every member contributes to positive change.

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Why investors from several countries love taking action with AYA

Aya is a unique platform and real commitment to impact with an outstanding team. It is a pleasure working towards big ambitions together across various initiatives.

Tony Verb

Carbonless Asia

AYA's distinct emphasis on impact and sustainability is particularly noteworthy. It aligns seamlessly with our own vision for the metaverse.By prioritising impact, AYA is well-positioned to support projects that address significant global challenges.

Sam Huber


AYA has proven to be an invaluable partner in our journey to create a positive and lasting impact in the world of streaming. Their comprehensive support, from ideation to execution, has been instrumental in shaping our vision into a reality.


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